Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Virtual Paintout

 11x8.25 inches Watercolour pencils on Stonehenge

I have been following the virtual paintout blog for awhile now. Its really nice seeing all the artwork that people produce and looking on streets I would have never thought to look at in the first place. Until now I haven't really wanted to contribute, but this months country is New Zealand, and I know I say it a lot, but I love the place and want to go back so bad (ok, could deal without the earthquakes tho).

I find landscapes hard to draw, so I tend to avoid them. Figured it was about time I started drawing more landscapes, so might as well use scenes from a land I fell in love with. I am pretty sure that my style when drawing landscapes will be this loose, makes them easier to draw and I can focus on the colours of the land more than anything else.

Actually what I found the hardest, was picking one scene from the googlecar to draw. I honestly think that a photo or a drawing can not do the place justice.


Leslie Hawes said...

It is a knockout of a countryside, isn't it?
soooo...when are you planning to take your trip to NZ? ;)

Artoholic said...

One place I haven't been but need to get to one day. It's always the way, live so close (we call NZ just "over the ditch here in Austalia), and never get there.

LOVE your interpretation - loose landscapes are definately the go!Would love to see more.



Jennifer Rose said...

leslie, I would go right now if i could lol :D hmm just a small matter of the cost of the flight

cindy, haven't been to australia yet, one day i will go. its on my list of places to go before i die :) I use to think I hadn't really travelled that much, but then people remind me that I have been all across Canada and there are a lot of people that live there that never leave the province they were born in.

Ann said...

This is a wonderful painting! I especially like the sky. I hope you get to go to NZ soon.