Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hot Dog

hot dog by fuzzydragons
hot dog, a photo by fuzzydragons on Flickr.
Sky gave us a huge fright today, started to have a seizure in the park, pretty bad heat stroke and it wasn't even that warm out. We always take water with us, but next time I am bringing 2 litres at least, and if I have to toss it on her to cool her down I will. John carried/ran with her home to put her in the shower, where she stood and didn't leave until she was cooled down. She hates the shower, so that goes to show how hot she was to want to stand there.

I felt horrible :( I really have been keeping a sharp eye on her and the heat, since I read that collies are very susceptible to heat stroke due to their double coat. Any worse and it would have been right to the vet, no second thought about that. And now, would never have known anything was wrong with her, but we are keeping an eye on her and no ball games in the park for a few days and even then only when the sun starts to go down.

So combine that with the fact that I fell flat on my back this morning at 4 am :/ (leg gave out, tripped? don't really know what happened), and bruised up my back pretty badly, I didn't get much drawing done. I did sketch out some cheetahs from a photo from the paint my photo group. This will be a coloured pencil drawing, but one worked on between smaller things.

And finally got around to framing the drawing of Sky I did. Looks really nice with the dark matt and on the red wall :)


Sian said...

Aww, how scary :( - hope you're both ok x

CurlyPops said...

Gosh poor Sky! I wonder how Collie's cope with the heat over here? Do you think they must aclimatise to the weather where they live?

sue said...

Hope you're both feeling more comfortable now. :-)

Screaming Feline said...

Oh goodness, that is a fright. I'm glad she is ok now. Is Mr. Fuzzy going to have to wrap you up in bubble wrap and put fragile sticks everywhere so you don't get hurt anymore? Hope you feel better soon. :(

Jeanette said...

That's quite the scare with Sky. I used to have a border collie years ago in the UK, but never had that challenge with him.

I hope your back feels better soon, its horrible after a fall.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

How scary! Like Sue said - I hope you're both feeling better.

Loving those cheetahs! :-)

Serena said... scary for you guys!!! Cody had heat stroke attack a couple of years back and I wet a towel and wrapped him in it and kept refreshing it with cool water until his body temp returned to normal. I was SO worried about him as heat stroke can leave permanent organ damage in dogs. I'm so glad Sky is okay!

Sorry to hear about your fall...back pain sucks! Feel better soon ~ xo

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh, sorry to hear about what happened to Sky! Happy though that your hubby and yourself acted quickly and things didn't get worse. I don't blame her for wanting to stay in the shower. I have done that too after playing tennis in this hot weather. :) Poor dear. :(
Yes, next time take her out in the late afternoon .
Sorry to hear about your fall too.
Sending healing hugs to Both of you

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That's quite a stunning picture on the red wall!

Glad she's better now. How scary that would be!

Chrissy said...

Poor Sky! I love her portrait though. Don't things look so different when they are framed up. Great work and I hope you are all feeling better

2paw said...

A wet towel for draping over is very good in an emergency too, Ford Prefect was right. It must have been so frightening, I know because Peri did the same thing but for a different reason. I am always careful with The Labradors in the Summer too. I am so glad sh is OK, and now has her beautiful portrait on display!!!