Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cheetah WIP

One of the downfalls to posting WIPs is that you don't actually know if you will finish it, or mess up so much its not fixable :p So this very well might turn into bonfire material before its done. (lol, he looks so cross eyed here, will have to fix that when I colour his eyes)

I quickly sketched out the cheetah, (from another photo from the paint my photo site), then copied the basic lines on to better paper.
I then took my neocolour crayons and put a hint of colour in the background. Doesn't have to be neat, just make sure enough is put down to get the proper colours.
And then wet the background. I just went around the cheetah's face, but for a more messy look I could have put some of the colour onto the cat. If I had liquid frisket I would have outlined the cat and then wouldn't have had to worry about any of the neocolors staining the fur.

Now onto the eyes, because if they don't look right, the whole thing is pointless.


Wen Baragrey said...

I love the drawing so far! You know, I think Cheetahs always look a little cross-eyed. I think it's the shape of their eyes or something. Mine are always the same.

Screaming Feline said...

Good luck with the progress on this one. I'm sure you will figure it out so it won't go up in flames :)

Chrissy said...

Great start. I have downloaded this one for a play too but, think it will be at a later date...too many things right now. The only thing I thought about this one is that the eyes are very black which might make it a bit difficult...look forward to seeing it progress ~ you will do it and I love the ones with your watercolour backgrounds :)

2paw said...

I like seeing your work in progress. It's really interesting to see the layers added as you draw and paint.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks wen :) you are right, they always look cross eyed, might be the black stripes?

thanks screaming feline :)

thanks chrissy. yeah i did notice that they eyes are pretty dark, will have to lighten them when i colour them in

thanks cindy :)