Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Space Sept, 15 2011

Yep, still working on this :p Have managed to complete 3 rows tho in the last week, but not sure if I can do that every week and still get all of my work done for college. I am trying to think of a way to use crochet for some college work, but with a theme of horses, I can't think of an idea.

And I really needed a hair cut, was starting to look really ratty :/
Much better :) and only cost £3

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Artoholic said...

Cool cut! You've got that whole sultry Deborah Harry look happening :)

A good friend and fello art uni student of mine was a crochet nut, and she managed to get her crochet stuff into her work AND win an award with it. She crocheted little rosettes, and then attached them to the painted canvas of a portrait, as if they were decorating her hair. Let me know if you'd like me to send a photo - it was awesome.

Rose Welty said...

The hair looks great! And good job perseveringly with the crocheting!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Love your New Haircut!
The crocheted piece is looking very nice.

2paw said...

Very swish hair do, and excellent posing!!
A crocheted saddle for a horse? A horse blanket??

Serena said...

Nice piece of crochet! Hang that Sky actually sleeping in the background???!!! We usually always see her full of energy and on the go. She must have worn herself out, sweet thing that she is.

Lovely hair cut! When did you go blonde?? Last I recall, you had a shade of red/burgundy??

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks cindy :) i would really like to see that art, sounds very cool :)

thanks rose :)

thank you norma :)

cindy, thanks :) I think it might take me 10 years to crochet a horse blanket, unless it was a really really small horse ;p

lol, serena she doesn't stay still very long, quick 5 minute naps and she is ready to go again for hours :p hmm went blond a few months ago, never coloured it that colour before so wanted to see what it looked like, blue is next :)