Thursday, September 08, 2011

Little Light Headed

Used turps today, forgot how strong they are when you use them inside :/ Could almost taste them when I took a drink, blagh :/ So, this is a very abstract (for me at least), horse skull done with oil pastels and then moved around with the turps. I really like using the pastels with the turps, you can get some really cool effects. I would do it more, but I'm not too keen on feeling loopy :p

And keeping with the horse theme, a quick 10 minute ink sketch :) I can never use ink enough, if I had to choose only one art supply to draw with, it would be ink.


Serena said...

Nice work! I've never tried turps with the oil pastels...sounds interesting. I am finding that I prefer working directly with ink pens rather than pencil....makes for a more loose, natural look.

2paw said...

I like the smell at the service station, just a little whiff of petrol in the air, no sniffing, just a service stationy smell. Your horse's head looks lie it is melting, I think that is properly surreal!!

Ann said...

They are both wonderful! I do like your color palette in the oil pastel piece. But be careful with those fumes!

Wen Baragrey said...

Oooh, I love the abstract look of it! I'd have never thought of using turps on oil pastels, but of course it would work. Great idea! Can you get orange solvent, like zest-it over there? That might allow you to retain a few extra brain cells in pursuit of arty goodness :)

Really like that washed out effect at the bottom.

Love the sketch too. I haven't done much with ink but I've really enjoyed what I have done.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I can't stand turps... They make me nauseous! I love the result though - very cool!

Liesl said...

Very nice work Jennifer!
I have no affiliation to the person who makes/sells these, but I saved the link for some day when I want to try working with solvents, maybe this little glass pump will be helpful to you? I saw a video where someone was using one and they apparently help to reduce the strong vapors.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks serena :) working just with the pens does make the drawing look more natural :)

lol cindy i use to love that smell when i was a kid :)

thanks ann :) i will make sure to use them by an open window next time lol

thanks wen :) you can get zest it here, but i'm broke so turps it is for the moment :)

thanks michelle, yeah they can be pretty strong :/

thank you liesl, i will check that out :)