Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Cream of potato soup made with soy milk and bacon. A creamy soup I can eat. Do you know how hard it is to eat out sometimes when you are lactose intolerant? It can be almost impossible :/ Forget ice cream, only can have the cheap stuff that doesn't actually count as ice cream :p

Anyway, Xmas is over for another year...Yay! :p And there is no snow in sight, double yay! Haven't really done any artwork since I went on break from college, but I have all kinds of ideas in my head. Need to make a mask, so will have to get dirty and gooey with paper-mache and feathers. Lots of feathers.

On to the next year, where I don't really have any goals, other than finishing college...think that it


Ann said...

That looks really good! I love potato soup and it sounds like it would be terrific with soy milk. Sadly, I'm the only one who does like potato soup in our house, so I very rarely make it for myself. I'll be right on over then :-)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Jennifer,
The soup looks yummy! Hope you enjoyed it. I am lactose intolerant too and can't have ice-cream. :(
Sometimes in the summer I had it and then you know what happened. :(
But life goes on and you just have to make a few changes.
Can't wait to see your New ideas for the New Year. I like the idea of a mask with feathers. :)
I have been thinking of making a mask too but must give it more thought.
Hugs and hope you had a great Christmas. I uploaded some photos from my trip if you would like to see them. Please leave a comment. Tomorrow I will upload some more.

Serena Lewis said...

The soup sounds delicious!

The mask sounds like a lot of fun albeit a little messy too. :)

2paw said...

It must be so very difficult. I'm glad you've found a creamy soup that passes muster. Good luck with finishing college this year!!!