Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Making a Mess

gelli printing
I was told something in class that really made my day :D Related to printmaking and let me know I am on the right track art wise, so I can keep making a mess :p

3 dragons hidden in this print, that was really just printed as an after thought to get the paint off the plate and not waste it.


Ann said...

Well, I like the messes you are making! Looks like great fun too :-) It is nice to hear positive feedback. Glad you are enjoying your classes!

Sue Clinker said...

Congratulations, as Ann said positive feedback is always good news. I like the colours in this and your mention of hidden dragons made me look that much harder into the design - found them all :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks ann :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks sue :) i went over certain parts of the dragons, so they would stand out a bit more. really hard to see before i did that