Sunday, June 16, 2013

Leopard WIP#5

Not supposed to look like a cub, but I like the furry look :p Nose only has the base colours down right now, still needs work.


Sue Clinker said...

Looking good Jennifer. Its always a brave move showing the early stages isn't it? .... knowing that there is lots of refining to do.

What colour/brand of paper are you using. Looks very terracotta but that may just be the photo/scan. The eyes look fantastic against the background.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i like posting work in stages, shows people that the final piece isnt instant and that everything goes through an ugly stage

hmmm its a reddish brown matt board, that doesnt scan or photograph right :/ thankfully the cp colours are scanning properly

Peggy said...

Love the fur look! I agree with posting in stages.
Besides, I learn so much following along with the stages that other artists post and I'm so grateful that you choose to show WIP's including the "ugly" stages ( I never noticed that it's ugly though!:) )

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks peggy :)
thats what i want, to help people learn :)