Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Book Round Up

Managed to read 6 books, which isn't bad, but could be better :p I did start reading a book, Dragonfly in Amber, but stopped before I chucked my Nook away in disgust :p Why is the series so popular? The first one was OK, but this one is just horribly written and the characters are so...stupid :p I found myself constantly shaking my head at the main characters almost every page with them making one bad decision after another. And don't get me started on the main female character, started out a strongish person, but by the second book she almost bends over backwards offering to let the male character beat her....  Onto the books I did finish:

1. Sapphique (Incarceron #2) by

that really tugs at the heart strings and brought a tear to my eye :( It was very sad since you can read what the character involved is thinking.

The final 2 books were actually disappointing. They were OK, wrapped up the problems from the first book, but I found them very predictable. Found myself knowing what was going to happen, pages before it did.

 5,6 MaddAddam Trilogy by
I actually read these books when they originally came out, but wanted to re-read them since the third comes out in September and I wanted to refresh my memory. Dystopian books about a plague that has wiped out most of man kind. They are very heavy on environmental issues and the effect man has on the earth. 

The books do jump around a lot, but I didn't find that confusing since you can clearly tell what is going on by the characters involved. They could be stand alone books, since they are about the same events but told by the perspective of different characters. There are characters that turn up in both and tie the books together, and you do learn more about the main characters if you read both.

I have found that Atwood is either one of those authors you like or hate. I really like her work, but completely understand when people say she can be a little wordy and go on and on if there is a point she is trying to make.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Jennifer has read 63 books toward her goal of 75 books.
Only 12 more books to go, but hopefully I read more than that *crosses fingers*


kaslkaos said...

The only thing I hate about Margarate Atwood is that she refuses to admit she writes Sci-fi. I've read the 1st two parts, loved Oryx & Crake, but thought Part2 was too predictably Atwood depressing--not to mention she thinks she invented the whole dystopian genre. I prefer Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Charles Wilson & Peter Watts for that genre in contemporary novels.
How was Madd Adam (last part)? It's the only one I haven't read yet. (hope that wasn't too wordy a, knee is fine)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the last one isnt out until tommorow, but going to get it as soon as I see its out here :)

yeah, a lot of her stuff I would class as Sci-fi, some of its is just contemporary, but I think she is more well known for her Sci-fi work

def. didnt invent the dystopian genre, been around a long time lol

going to have to check out those other authors, thanks :)

glad the knee is fine :D

2paw said...

Yes Attwood does write sci-fi but I think she thinks it is beneath her. I shall have to re-read the first two now I know a third is coming out. Oh yes, the Voyager books definitely deteriorated and are so huge and wordy that I have given up too.