Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Review-Ready Player One

Ready Player One byErnest Cline

 Wrote a review already at goodreads, and goodreads ate it :/

So, all I will say is this book while entertaining, was horribly written and just seemed like an excuse for the author to prove how much of a geek he is and how much he remembers of the 80's :/

The information dumps about the decade, stopped the book in its tracks every time they happened, which felt like all the time. I don't understand the hype about this book, the 80's were not that great of a decade. Near the end, I wanted the bad guys to win, so that maybe something would break up the monotonous text of info about the 80's.

3 books read this month, and so far I really have only liked 1 :/ I'm really not trying to focus on the negative aspects of a book, it just it seems the books I read rave reviews about are obviously not for me. Hopefully the one I am reading now, I feel better about when I finish. *crosses fingers*


2paw said...

Well that is disappointing. I hate it when you read a whole book and it seems rather a waste of effort. I am awaiting some books form The Library. I hope they aren't a waste of time!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Thankfully the one I am reading at the moment is all right, but 100 pages to go, so crossing fingers i still like it when finished :p