Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Review-The Republic of Thieves

Still an enjoyable read, but the first 2 were definitely better books. I think that was due to the fact there really isn't an interesting big heist like in the first 2. Its great reading about Locke's early days in the Gentleman Bastards and the world in the book is slowly growing bigger as the characters move around to new places.

But I really didn't like Sabetha. Which is a problem since she plays such a big part in this book. The character is really just seen threw Locke's eyes, and he is infatuated with her, so his judgement is a little clouded, but she comes off as very childish and very manipulative,(even for a thief). You knew that eventually in the books, the romance between Locke and Sabetha, would show up and thats fine. The events of their relationship played a huge part in making Locke the person he is now, but I find the romance very once sided. Its mostly Locke following her around like a lost puppy :/

I liked the ending a lot actually. I can't write much about it without spoilers, but it does a good job with setting up the possible next book, (whenever that will be :p).

3/5 Stars


Ms. CrankyPants said...

Interesting...I'm always looking for new books to read. I'll keep an eye out for this series!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its really entertaining :)