Tuesday, December 31, 2013

White Tiger #4

Coming a long slowly, still loving this paper. Its great for creating fur :)

Happy New Year to everyone :D Might make up a small list of art goals for 2014, but then theres pressure to finish them instead of working on what you really want to. Most of them would probably be print related anyway.


  1. Gorgeous, love watching the progress.

  2. I love Fisher 400 paper also, but prefer it with pastels. It certainly eats through pencils quickly doesn't it?
    Its great as you can use a watercolour wash to put down a quick background or underpainting before using pastels or cps (so long as you don't get the paper too wet).
    Tiger looking great so far ..
    Happy New Year

    1. hmm going to have to try the paper with pastels next. pastel pencils or the sticks??
      didnt know you could put a wash down.
      at this rate i'm going to have to buy more to experiment with lol
      and thanks:) yeah its eating the pencils, but not a much as I thought it would. Maybe because I', using polycromos pencils and they are harder

  3. So cool! Can't wait to see more of it. Happy new year!

    1. thanks
      happy new year to you too!