Sunday, April 27, 2014

Numb Hands....

One of the problems I have with dry point is that after awhile my hand does start to go numb due to the MS. So I need to either take an hour break or hold the etching tool a little harder and hold it like a little kid holds a pencil. Have a death grip on it, wrapped in my fist. Looks really awkward but gets the job done.

Why is it that it took almost 30 years to find a medium to work on that I love and just fits me perfectly, and now I have to deal with the fact the physical aspects of it stop me from producing the amount of work I want to??  I can only print about 2 prints before I need to take a break or I fall over lol I could just etch the prints, and leave them as is, but I really like the inked printed look, so will have to find ways to work around my disability. (or get someone else to print them for me I guess. Need a toy boy who can work a printing press :p)

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