Tuesday, May 06, 2014

All in the Eyes

Start of another bird, looks very odd right now :p #art #bird #printmaking 

With any live subject I draw or paint,the success of the painting relies on getting the eyes to look right. They need to look convincing or the drawing/painting just doesn't work. The same applies to etching, if the eyes don't work, there is no point finishing. Its a little more tricky with dry point since once you make a mark, its there for good, no erasing a mistake. Well at least that I know of.

I actually like that my marks are final, it makes me stop and think more about what I am doing. Slowing down can be good, and at the same time I am paying more attention to my subjects and learning more about them.

This eye is one of two, another bird, big surprise. Starting to look good, but does need some more shading to make it look more 3D.


Sue Clinker said...

Yep, totally agree that if the eyes aren't right the picture doesn't work. I always start with the eyes on any portrait for that very reason (plus I can't stand looking at 'empty' eye sockets when working on a portrait)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it can be creepy when working and they are empty, very horror movie like