Saturday, December 06, 2014

Going Crazy from Feathers

Another small section finished....Not that you can really tell lol I'm pretty much done Uni for 5 weeks now, so hope to get this finished and start on another one. I have started a little Robin drawing that I will be doing in coloured pencil to work on when my shoulder really starts to hurt. I actually haven't been doing as much Uni work as I could due to my shoulder, but I don't want to permanently mess it up so while I still do what we need for the modules, I am doing about half of what I would normally do. (bit of a workaholic :p)


2paw said...

Half is better than nothing, and it is kind of striking a balance between everything and nothing. I hope your shoulder holds up and feels better. It must be sooo annoying. Those feathers are beautiful.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks and that is true, its better than nothing :)