Friday, January 09, 2015

Need a Press

I might actually get this done before I have to go back to uni lol

Really need to start building that press I keep saying I am going to. meh who am I kidding? The press John is going to build :p


2paw said...

Well let's hope someone builds the press!!!!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
This is a fabulous drawing. I was wondering...Have you ever submitted these works to wildlife organizations or others who would likely pay very well for such well accomplished artistry? Just wondering.
The press, I'm guessing, would be used for making prints from your drawings. Until it's built, if I were you, I'd be submitting these drawings to every gallery which features wildlife art, as well as, every significant exhibit and competition worldwide. I think your work is that excellent.
Have a nice Sunday.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

just need to buy the bottlejack and some sheets of metal and then we can start putting it together :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Gary :) I haven't submitted to any galleries really around here, they are mostly into showing the really arty farty stuff :p cant afford to ship art to galleries in other counties sadly :/ there are a few shows down in London I want to try this year, but even that wouldn't be cheap :/ sucks sometimes being a starving artist/student lol

This is actually an etching on plexi glass so the press would be for making prints from it :) Need the press to make prints from the plate since most places will only take prints if they are hand made not digital prints.

and thank you again for the very nice comment :D

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jen, is there a printing press at uni or a local printing place that you can use? Here there's a printing studio that let's you rent by the hour/day/week with different rates for members and non members.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Can't use the presses until next year if I get into next year *fingers crossed*
There is a printing studio that you can pay a membership fee for, and then pay to use the facilities plus costs. When you add the costs up for a year if I did as much printing as I want to, getting a press built of my own would still be cheaper and means I could print on the weekends which you cant at this print studio in Dundee. And I wouldn't need to take the bus with all the supplies I would need lol If it was closer I would jump at becoming a member tho :)