Thursday, January 01, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Me with dad's parents. Now I didn't even know this photo existed and didn't know my grandfathers on either side, as both died when I was around 3/4?  I don't even know if dad remembers this photo. Will have to send him a copy along with the ones of his brother I know he doesn't have copies of. I think dad def. looks like his mom. His dad had webbed feet, and was in the Navy :p

I have been trying to make a blanket with that crochet pattern in the back but can't figure out the pattern :p


Sue Clinker said...

That's a lovely clear photo of your Grand-parents Jennifer .. looks like you're fascinated with those lovely glasses ... LOL

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

glasses like that are back in fashion lol *shrugs*
For a 30+ year old photo it is pretty clear