Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I had every intention of getting this tiger finished today, but nope lol Did go to a maxillofacial to try to figure out why my jaw hurts so much after the injections into the jaw joint, when it hasn't hurt the last few times I had it done. So, they think that I got a haematoma from the injections, and it hurts when I close my mouth because it puts pressure on it. So back to a soft diet, lots of smoothies and soup at least until the 7th of April when my next appointment is. yay.... well on the bright side, just think of all the weight I will lose :p I really,really don't want jaw surgery again, that was not fun.

Did manage to work a bit on a eagle lino print tho, so the day wasn't completly art free :)


Rolina said...

Ouch that does sound painful, I have had them on my hands/arms after intravenous catheter and they usually disappear in a week, hope the jaw one does too!

Loving the lino print!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks :) I get them all the time with the bleeding disorder I have :
hate getting IVs, always black and blue :p