Thursday, June 04, 2015

Throwback Thurday

Says 1985, London, (Ontario,  not the UK) on the back of this photo. My sister on the left, my dad's brother in the middle and then me.

Dad's brother broke his neck and ended up paralyzed and in a wheelchair, not 100% sure how he broke his neck because I get different stories from anyone I ask. But anyway, he ended up doing a lot actually and living a lot longer than the doctors thought he would. Still painted with a paintbrush on his forehead. John found an article awhile ago that mentioned him and what he had done, but can't seem to find it, will keep looking.

This is obvs. the same place as the last photo, dad's mom's place since we are wearing the same outfits and I still have pigtails. Which I still do a lot these days :p


Rolina said...

You haven't changed a bit (except your hair is more pink)!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

and no bangs/fringe :p