Friday, August 14, 2015

Flower Friday

So a few weeks ago I posted some photos from Duthie Park so decided to post some more photos from that trip but this time mostly more cacti from their greenhouse.

This photo gives you an idea of how big some of the cacti there are when compared to the people in the photo. And if I remember correctly, there are even bigger ones there.

I didn't know people can eat these after taking all the spines off. Wonder what it tastes like.

OK, so not a cactus but it was in the same area :p

And a flower so that there is at least one flower for Friday ;)

Would have hated to fall, trip and then land on this. Hurts enough when I pick up my little prickly cactus wrong, couldn't imagine the pain from this.

Just love the blue tones to this cactus.

And there are little areas like this all over the garden. Some inside, others outside like this one was. But all are decorated nicely.


Mademoiselle Mermaid said...

What interesting plants!!...You've captured their pretty and prickly nature beautifully=)
...Came over here from your link on Aquarriann's blog, by the way=)
Happy Flower Friday!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thank you the nice comment :)

NC Sue said...

Beautiful photos.
Please come link up at