Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grey Scale

About half done with the kitten and the rest of her face is pretty much black so shouldn't take that long to colour.

And a grey scale version which clearly shows that her forehead needs darkening and this needs a bit more shading on the cheekbones but I'm not sure if the paper will take anymore pencil.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
Wow! I've been busy and tired lately and just visited your blog to catch-up. Didn't realize how long it has been until seeing your posts about the surgery.
Congratulations on a successful jaw repair/rebuild. Hope the healing is continuing in the best possible way. Thanks for sharing the stitches photo...NOT! You were very thoughtful, however, to include the puppy as a "spoiler alert".
The surgery obviously hasn't affected your superb drawing/coloring skills, or sense of humor. This kitten is beautiful.
I'll get back on track after the swim race on September 5th. The swimming and jogging leave me pretty-much worn out most evenings and I go from a post-dinner nap to staggering to bed. Must be getting old! :)
So, get well soon and all the best for a complete recovery.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Hi Gary :)

I thought you might be busy with your training, but was actually just about to email to check you were ok, then again if you weren't you wouldn't see the email...

anyway... luckily the jaw surgery went better than last time but my vision is messed up in the left eye from nerve damage so things are very very fuzzy but at least I can still draw. and I can't close it all the way so have eye drops for it. kinda creep looking actually when I try to close it :p

Old?!?! you do a hell of a lot more than men half your age! you are actually a good role model for people that say they are too old to run/swim a marathon or actually do any big form of exercise

and thank you for the well wishes :)

Sandy Sandy said...

Great drawing, Jen. Glad to hear the jaw is coming along too! Keep up the great work!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Sandy :)

2paw said...

Nice cat, I see some cats in an 'aunticular' capacity, and those eyes are riveting!!