Friday, December 04, 2015

Flower Friday

Been awhile since I have posted some flower pics, but todays is pretty stormy and grey so need some colour. I have no idea what any of these are called lo.

I do remember this basket being huge, a good 2 feet around.

Some kind of succulent?

A cactus flower. Speaking of Cacti, mine are shockingly still alive.

And more Koi fish. I'm surprised they are still alive since all of the coins are probably not doing a lot for the water quality.

So busy with Uni work since assessment is on Monday and everything has to be handed in before 9 and then we don't have to go back until the next Monday.


Studio at the Farm said...

GORGEOUS flower pics, Jen!!! That orange one is such a brilliant color. And your cactus!!!! ... a "Queen of the night"!!!!! Can't remember its Latin name :)
Thank you for the compliment on the bird painting - an experiment that worked!
And I will keep an eye, even two eyes, out for coyotes. They are everywhere here!

Jan said...

Thanks for the wonderful color in this cold dreary weather. I think the first one, the one with the orange flowers, is a Clivia. The second one looks like a large basket of petunias.
I don't know what the third one is but Kathryn is right about the Queen of the Night, or Night Blooming Cereus, a beautiful, fragrant flower. Congratulations on your cactus still living - mine usually die from over watering.

Enjoy your Uni break - hope you get in lots of drawing and will show us!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i wish that was my cactus lol mine are really small still :)

we had to make sure the dogs were inside at night in Alberta, if we didn't someone would have gotten hurt in a fight

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I hardly water mine, maybe every few weeks unless they are really dry. after sleeping lol, I will hopefully get some drawing done :)
ah yes petunias :) thats what they are