Saturday, January 30, 2016

365 Sketches #14

Surprisingly simple object, deceptively hard to sketch lol

And we got snow today :) (turn your volume down if its up, its very loud and windy)


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

That's a wonderful sketch indeed! It does look like it would be a challenge to sketch. Windy and cold indeed there right now, the dog still seemed like he was having fun though!

kaslkaos said...

You nailed it! I think these sketches must make very good practice--ps. Please send snow.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Lisa :) she loves snow, didn't want to come home I'm told

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the snow is melting now :( the sketches at least make me draw something that isn't on a computer screeen

Jan said...

Hope your snow has all melted (if you want it to) but I'm not a fan of snow!

Great job on the tape dispenser - not an easy object to draw at all!

Gary L. Everest said...

Jennifer and John,
Wow! Now that's some real weather! Great show and I thought I heard a Scottish and a Canadian word of the day in the soundtrack.
Did you need a wee dram once you got inside?
Stay warm!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I didn't go out in that lol too insane for me to walk in :p

keep thinking of filming another word of the week, but so busy with other thing I forget to :/