Friday, January 29, 2016

Seal Etching Update

Can you still call 2 seals a pod of seals? A group of seals can be called a pod or herd or rookery. More useless knowledge to know. I would either kick ass in a pub quiz with all the pointless facts in my head, or bomb horribly.

Slow going with this etching, because my back is killing me every time I try to work on it. Going to have to figure out a different way to work, might have to get the table easel out and see if that helps.


kaslkaos said...

A table easel should help--a board plus two or more bricks, equals a table easel to try out. Etching looks and sounds difficult. All that detail.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I have a table easel, just need to find it lol :) if I can't will just prop a board up :)