Thursday, January 07, 2016

Throwback Thusday

Me in 2005, with a Ball python (called a Royal python here). I do not recommend putting a snake around your neck, very easy to get hurt, and you can never predict for sure what a snake will do, (obvs there are somethings you can predict the snake will do when feeding or in shed, or when annoyed). This snake tho, never showed any signs of aggression towards me, while he would strike at or bite other people or curl up in a ball, (defense mechanism). Even with food in the tank, he would never strike me if I needed to remove food or him, (using safe methods and tools).

My baby Boa Constrictor tho, even at 7 inches I would have never done this with her. Big attitude and strength for such a little thing.

So yeah, don't do this! lol Its not the best idea in the world.

I miss having a snake, but don't have the space for a proper tank or the money for even a normal Ball python here. Would love a Leopard Mystc Piebald, they are gorgeous.

Snakes are not slimy as many people think they are. They feel like warm, slightly bumpy leather that moves :p


Chris Lally said...

How cool that you stand there with no fear. I won't even go into the snake house at the zoo.
Did you like snakes when you were little?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I actually don't know lol probably, I did want a tarantula when I was younger. they have never bothered me, its just about knowing which ones to be wary of.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a wonderful photograph, you and the snake look lovely. I love how well you know your pets, so important! Snakes are such beautiful animals.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Thanks :)I try to pay attention to any pet I have, often it is in the only way to tell something might be wrong.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
First, I thought you might've been at a rock concert and knew the band's "roadies" well enough to get this photo. :) How wrong could I be!
I admire your courage. Not everyone appreciates snakes, much less wears them!
No snakes in Hawaii, but I hope that won't make you think twice about the trip. No snakes and no rabies are two pretty neat things about the islands, at least for those lacking your affinity. I think the fine for trying to bring one into the state is about a gazillion dollars.
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I can;t imagine the fine if caught bringing one in, probably would include some jail time or at least get deported. Hawaii has plenty of wildlife and plants to make up for the lack of snakes :)