Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sketches #186 and #187

I blame how bad these sketches are on hand pain. Even tho its my left hand that is in pain and I am right handed, its kind of distracting and well, painful lol So here is a butterfly barrette and my hair brush, that looks very very pointy lol

And hopefully I get to work on the Barn Owl to try to get finished by this weekend.Too much stuff to do/learn and not enough time.


Serena Lewis said...

I don't think your sketches are bad at all but I can totally relate with you said about pain being a big distraction. Been there myself and pain can make it very hard to focus or even think straight at times. I do hope you feel some relief soon. xo

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Serena :) might take awhile sadly until anything is done, no one so far seems to have a definite answer to what is wrong because the symptoms don't match up completely. The physio today wants to rule out the Ms with neurology, even tho, pretty sure its not a relapse, doesnt feel like one. and the docs I saw on the weekend said nope, not the MS. ugh :p doctors love me, I confuse them lol

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I think the sketches are lovely! Pain can definitely be a distraction though. I hope they figure out a way to help you soon.

Alexandra said...'s sympathy pain...your right for the left. hee I think your sketches are wonderful and I love how imperfect they are. Wonderful! :)