Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekly Book Wrap Up

I had never actually heard of this story by H.G. Wells before, but because of a project we are doing for Uni where we have to research a year of his life (1910 is my year), I found he had written 2 books and this is one of them. I might get around to reading the other one if I get the time and no we didn't have to read any of his books for the project, I just thought it sounded interesting enough to read lol

 Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The panel layout in this made it so hard to read. There were a lot of times I wasn't sure who was talking or what was going on. Yes its dark, and at the time it was released it was groundbreaking, but now it doesn't seem like anything new and the story just drags on and on and on....Some of the full spread pages were nice but over all I have no idea why a lot of people rave about this graphic novel.

The Sleeper AwakesThe Sleeper Awakes by H.G. Wells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Slow to start, but once the story starts the pace picks up, lags a bit in the middle and then picks up again at the end. Good example of how money and power can corrupt a society or a person. The main character seems to take being asleep for 200 years a lot better than I think most people would lol

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I hadn't heard of that H.G. Wells book either, but it seems a bit like a Twilight Zone episode I saw...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the idea is far from original, prob was used in a Twilight Zone episode :)

2paw said...

I vaguely remember reading about this book, but it is often hard to source books here if the Library doesn't have them in The Stack.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you can get it for free online cindy :)