Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekly Book Wrap Up

Still reading the big bloody book, aka War and Peace lol on page 1113 of 1653 in my edition so might finish it soon. But i have been reading other books so I don't get bored reading the BBB lol

 The Children of MenThe Children of Men by P.D. James
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

People haven't been able to have children for a generation, people are panicking over the human race ending but I don't think that after a generation that would be a problem with the population numbers but people are panicking anyway, maybe the lack of reproduction doesn't bug me because I've never wanted kids lol... and if a society is so concerned about finding a fertile male, why would you ignore a big chunk of the population because they have a disability, even a minor one?

Good world building, people generally would stop caring about their future when what is the point when you have no one to leave things to, religion would be pointless since pretty much the whole point is to control people and you can't do that when they don't care, so it does get that right. Nice try at making us care about the characters, but none of them are very likeable, and I didn't buy the main character changing the way he does in the end when he never cared about things like that before (power, control, etc). I get that he is supposed to change because of the big miracle but I don't buy it at all because he never cared about it before at all and the Omegas are brats that need to be told NO and grounded lol

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks for the excellent review! You're making great progress on the very long book...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

YW Lisa :)I will the big book finished eventually lol