Monday, July 31, 2017

More Dragon

A bit more work done on the dragon. He has basic teeth now that I still have to work on.
The teeth under his jaw need a bit of work and I need to define his mouth more but the under side is almost done.

Added some detail to his face, a few bumps and spikes. I am thinking of actually giving him a body rather than just a floating head, and some wings since I really like creating wings with ZBrush :)


  1. I haven't a clue how you do this (don't know the programs you are using or how you shape the images) but it's fascinating to see it coming together and what a spikey fellow he is!!

  2. As RH Carpenter said I also don't have a clue how to do digital art but this looks really good - It'll be interesting to see the body develop as well.

    Thanks for your comment re the floppy disk - the problem is I don't have the floppy disk anymore and I've no idea where it might be so I guess that book is consigned to history unless I can remember enough about the premise to re-write it!!

  3. The dragon is looking cool and I to do not understand digital idrawing. Anyway this dragon looks as though he is made out of white chocolate. He looks delicious 😀

  4. I'll join the "I Don't Have a Clue How You Do This Club," but I'm still so impressed with the results! Even though you have more to do, this looks so professional!

  5. thanks Rhonda :) This is done with ZBrush and its pretty much like moving clay around but with a mouse not your hands :)

    thanks Nicole :) I to plan on putting together a small tutorial on how to make a small figure, hopefully soon :)

    thank you Shashi :) you can change the type of material you are working with so it looks like pretty much anything :)

    thanks Chris :) Still need to render it so it should look better when done :)

  6. Oh the dragon is wonderful! I love it.