Thursday, September 14, 2017

Falcon #14

Love etching, it just can take forever lol But this is almost done and hopefully soon so I can start something new. Of  course it will probably be another bird but maybe not this big next time.

I honestly don't know why I am making all these plates, I don't have a printing press yet and probably wont for a long time until it gets built and I have a massive clear out to make space. John wants to see if you can build one that will fold against the wall, which would save some space when not being used.


  1. This is so amazing and beautiful. I hope you will have a printing press when the time and space is right.

  2. Can you make prints at the university? I think these are amazing but hope you don't have to wait months to see a print from all your work. So powerful!

  3. I don't know why either but I am glad you are. These are masterful.

  4. It's coming along so beautifully.

  5. It is very beautiful and such delicate and intricate work

  6. thanks Lisa :)

    Rhonda, they have a print room but I can't use the presses in it since I didn't have an introduction to them and its way too late to now, oh well will just have to wait :)

    thanks Nicole :)

    tank you Christine :)

    thanks Shashi :)