Friday, October 20, 2017

Inktober #19 and #20

I forgot to post this yesterday, I didn't have it finished, but I am still counting it as a day for Inktober. Ran out of time to finish it before I fell asleep after trying to get uni work finished.

Quickly finished it so I could manage to get an ink drawing done for today.

A tiny green dragon for todays inktober. Remembered I had colour ink pens so thought I would use the today for a bit of a change.


  1. Like them both for different reasons ~ lovely art work ~ ^_^

    Love and light,
    A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Very gracious and the colouring is lovely.

  3. Very nice, the green one's a cutie!

  4. Beautiful sketches, gorgeous work, I am in love with that sweet green dragon, he has stolen my soul. Wonderful inktober magic!

  5. I love the tiny green dragon, I am sure there is room for it to live at our house!

  6. Lovely artwork as usual Jennifer...especially that oh so cute green dragon. It seems only right to have him green! ;D

  7. Nice! Love the dragon and your feathery pen strokes. Happy PPF

  8. The top one looks like something wooden, carved onto the prow of a Viking ship - and has been through battle (hence the ragged horn). Love it!!! It almost tells a story in itself. The second, well, can you call baby dragons cute? This one is! Hope you are feeling well.

  9. Great sketches, Jennifer. Add me to your fan club!

  10. thanks carol :)

    thank you Blogoratti :)

    thanks Christine :)

    thank you Victoria :) i want to make the little green dragon 3D soon :)

    thanks cindy :) i have first dibs on the little guy ;)

    thank you susan :)

    thanks Rhonda :) the top one does look like a ships prow now that you mention it :) i should draw a viking ship soon lol :)

    thanks Chris :D

  11. I love the use of coloured pens here.

  12. More delightful and wonderful art.

  13. that tiny green dragon is adorable ... ♥

  14. So glad to see you are doing Inktober, Jennifer; I am too. Your work is as brilliant as ever!
    Sharon x

  15. They are both wonderful. The tiny green dragon is adorable!

  16. Awww.. I love dragons. Look at the little pudgie green one..soo cute!

  17. Wonderful the adorable green one!

    Peace Giggles

  18. Anonymous7:16 pm

    I love your dragons! So magical. :)

  19. Just catching up with you. Love your sketches. Sorry I keep falling behind as life keeps getting in the way

  20. thanks June :)

    thank you Granny Annie :)

    thanks Nicole :)

    thank you denthe, for a quick little drawing I think he turned out pretty cute :)

    thanks SMV :) i've tried to do inktober for the last few years, good practice :)

    thank you Lisa :)

    thanks Confuzzled Shannon :) (finally someone else who uses confuzzled :) )

    thank you giggles :)

    thanks shedreamsofthesea :)

    thank you Shashi :) I think we are all busy with life at the moment :/ gets in the way of things :)