Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Nap Time Update

Not much of an update, been sketching dragons like mad lately, might have some to show tomorrow if I don't work on the leopard. Worked on his other eye and the top of his head, things are starting to look better. :) I really need to work on that log though, its really distracting right now.

Walked around downtown Dundee yesterday and took some pictures in between the rain. Its not even November and some of the xmas decorations are up already. o0 It doesn't even feel like fall, let alone winter. The leaves on the tree are just now starting to change colour.

I love this! It was in front of the Overgate (a mall), but its back where it was before I am told. I want one for the backyard. :)

Links: Info about Dragon and other public art in Dundee

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