Friday, July 27, 2007

Scheming Magpie

Magpie Coloured Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip"Magpie" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
10 Inches by 5 Inches

Started to colour the Magpie Sketch I drew the other day. Decided to use the light sandy/peach coloured paper. I'm actually glad I chose this colour over the red. I think it would have been very hard to get really white whites with the bright red paper.

The bird is not this brown in person, more of a dark blue-black. The plan is too leave the background very simple, suggest a few rocks and possibly blades of grass. The bird is less than 5 inches tall, I wanted a challenge but it is actually turning out to be easier than I thought (killing my sharpeners though keeping the points on the pencils so sharp).

The nasturtiums have flowered. We ended up transplanting all the plants into hanging baskets as they were starting to suck the life out of everything else in the little corner garden. After a few weeks of looking like dead hanging alien arms, they have flowered nice bright red, yellow, orange and really nice peach coloured flowers. I'm wary of actually trying to eat one of the leaves. Want to try to eat some. I know lots of people have told me that the leaves make a nice addition to a salad, but just my luck I try to eat something healthy and I will end up ill. :/ (of course it probably doesn't help that I still can't think of this plant without thinking of some mutant killer plant and the bloody rampage in a possible horror movie [of course the picture in that post is missing so this doesn't make a lot of sense]).



leslie said...

Oh, Jennifer! That is spectacular!
He is cheeky.
That color background is great to work on. I do a bunch of my stuff on a taupe color. Purple or orange color tones are fun to work on. He looks great!

leslie said...

Oh, the nasturtiums, too! They turned out, didn't they? You don't have to eat them, just admire them! Taste like watercress, but tougher, and I wouldn't want a whole salad of tough cress.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie. I haven't tried any purple coloured paper, something else to add the the list of things to try. :)

The nasturtiums did turn out very pretty. I can't say nasturtiums though, my tongue gets tied up in knots. lol