Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shires on Black WIP #4

So I took the last 2 days away from Blogging so I could try to get the Shires finished. Here is the adult Shire pretty much completed. I need to work a bit on the neck area, (make it darker) and her forelock, it looks a little too neat for me (brushes are over rated :p).

Another close up of the paper and you can see the texture a lot better in this one. I think that maybe next time that I use this paper I will use Pastels, considering thats what it was originally for. So the next update will be a completed picture with the stable coloured and than any touch ups that I notice finished. If any one sees anything that needs work, please let me know. Its a lot easier with the paper to lighten anything, but trying to darken something is almost impossible once the paper has become saturated with colour.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Its a little weird that it is so green and its fall. I don't think that I will get use to the trees still having their leaves and the grass being so green. I think its hard for my mind to feel like its fall when for so long the changing colours of the leaves were a big sign the seasons were changing.

Todays Scottish word:
1) laich

Answer to the last Scottish word posted:
1) peerie is a kids spinning top

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