Sunday, December 23, 2007

2008 Plans

I don't actually have any lol. Well I plan on still writing here, still drawing and trying to improve artistically. I need to sketch more, draw things I normally don't and draw more dragons! I really haven't drawn a big dragon piece lately and I really should, considering the blog title and the business name has the word dragon in it :p. I have all kinds of ideas for dragon pictures and other fantasy creatures. :)

So to help me sketch more, I thought that I would try to draw the list over here from the Everday Matters group. Lots of different things to draw and many of them I either haven't drawn since high school or not at all. Going to use my little moleskine sketchbook for the sketches in the hope that I improve even a little. Not sure what I am going to do with the sketchbook once its filled though.

Also going to try to participate in Illustration Friday. A topic is chosen weekly to draw. I have had the topics emailed to me the last few weeks but haven't found the time to draw any of them. I really want to try now for the same reasons I want to draw the above list. And there are many times I could probably incorporate dragons into the topic chosen so it kills 2 birds with one stone.

The above photo is of a corner of my desk and a little art card for Valentines Day almost finished. Doesn't hurt to be prepared and possibly sell holiday related art. :) I already put a few little gouges in the desk when I was working on the fuzzy dragon lino block, which hopefully gets finished before my birthday. Better a nick in the desk than a blade stuck in my palm o.0


Leslie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I laughed when I read, "2008 Plans...I don't really actually have any..."
You said you're not sure what to do with the filled sketchbooks... J.K. Rowling's sketchbooks just sold for ???million? I say don't throw them out, for starters :)
It sounds like you have some good plans in the works already. How many artists have Valentines Day started?
I know I don't!

Jennifer Rose said...

Yeah I guess I will keep them but not sure if anyone would ever pay for one, but hey strange things have been known to happen and a few million would come in pretty handy :p lol