Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fabric Labels

So I thought it might be a professional touch to have labels to sew onto any bags or stuffed animals I make. So after finding a shop I can get them done at a reasonable price I spent most of the day designing labels, and this is what I came up with. Very simple (yes this took me half a day, don't laugh! :P).

I did have the dragon that is in my banner above where the little inked dragon is, but I could never get it to print right without it looking really blurry. So a few quick little scribbles later and time for the ink to dry (remembers horrible time when I didn't let the ink dry and I ruined a huge drawing and ended up with ink on my hands and face for a week...), I had a little dragon finished.

I do have a Xmas dragon picture drawn, but because of the size I don't know if it will get finished by Xmas. Going to try though *crosses fingers*. Of course I might get sidetracked making cookies tomorrow :)

I was sad to read this about Terry Pratchett :( I really enjoy his books.

And I listed the oranges I drew yesterday here

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Leslie said...

Love the labels! Very too, too professional!
Sorry to hear that about T. Pratchett. I just started reading his books lately, and love them.