Sunday, March 30, 2008


I do have a few pictures of him as a puppy. Cute little thing. Not sure what this is in his mouth. Could be a sock but not sure who would have had bright orange socks lol. I remember I had a purple and bright orange bathing suit (what was I thinking :p I wish that picture would get burnt and will kill anyone who posts it :p [I'm brave and stupid enough to...shame I don't have it >> John :-D ])

Who grew up to be a big Lab. Yeah that was a lot of snow.

The big furry dog is Cujo. Great big furry dog, father to Loch (which as previously mentioned I don't have many pictures of).

And this is M-Head. See he has an M on his head :p We couldn't think of a name.

And all grown up. I miss having a pet *sobs* One day we will have a pet again. :) I just like these 2 pictures because its almost the same pose and he was probably trying to get some treats in both of them (or sharpening his claws on the stool)

And here ends the trip down memory lane lol

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Tizzalicious said...

Waaay too much cuteness in one post!