Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blast from the Past

I drew this in 2003 o.0 Figured it was about time that I drew an updated version. I always did like this picture and I have gotten some really good comments about it. :)
So instead of one dragon, there is going to be two :) This is a rough sketch, I still need to refine it so the basic details are there and than figure out a colour scheme. If anyone sees anything with this sketch that might need to be changed, please let me know :)

I printed out a bookmark and I'm trying to see how much abuse it can take. If it survives I will be offering them in my Etsy shop (so far so good). I will definitly draw a few more fantasy style bookmarks, probably a few horses and some other animals that I think will look good in this format.

And just for a giggle a picture of me and my sister. I have no idea how old I am here. (if you want your face blurred, just let me know sis). Makes me want to go and get bangs lol

I really wish I had the pictures of me where you can see my sixth finger *hint hint* :p


Jeanette said...

Gorgeous drawing Jennifer. And lovely colours. You do great work. I shall be back to visit again!

pencilwizard said...

Love your dragons jennifer...this is going to be fantastic with the two in it....cant wait to see the finished one.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks jeanette and pencilwizard :)

Rita Foster said...

this is awesome. Great illustration!