Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bread of Death

John made bread today. This actually looks really good in person. He put cheese on the top to try to stop the evil oven from burning the top. Haven't tried any of this yet, the other bread is edible so this should be too *crosses fingers* :p

Small update on the eagle. Filled in a few feathers and thats about it. Really don't want to rush this and possibly wreck it so I am taking my time. :) Once he is all coloured I will go back and darken the values so he sticks out from the background a little more.

And started on the dragons from the other day. This is only after about an hours work. I am working pretty fast with this paper (Fabriano 5 Watercolor paper). I really think that if I need to use white paper for a project I will be using up the white paper I have now, and than switching to the Fabriano paper for white projects.

*off to try a piece of the death bread so if you don't hear from me for a few days the bread has put me in a hospital bed :p*


Siansburys said...

Ach, don't be afraid, there can't be anything lethal in bread, no matter how you make it. Unless of course you put cyanide in it. He didn't put cyanide in it did he? Also that eagle's looking ace :)

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm I don't think he put cyanide in the bread. I did go outside for a bit, so he could have....:p hmm don't think we have cyanide in the house. Paint thinner, but that would definitly leave the bread smelly and possibly start a fire in the oven :p

thanks :)

leslie said...

Save me some of that bread!
I want an end piece...with butter.

The eagle is fabulous.
I will repeat are such a great animal artist.

Tizzalicious said...

Hmmm, home made bread is SO good!

bee said...

That bread looks yum. Menfolks should always make bread....John Lennon did.

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm there is one loaf left, but you will have to fight me for the end pieces :p Thanks Leslie :D

hmm didn't know that Lennon baked bread :) John (hubby) loves baking bread and its just a good thing there are so many people here to eat it all lol

Jennifer Rose said...

tizzalicious- it was good :) He put chives, sage, and thyme and cheese on the one. Sounds like a lot of herbs but it was really good :)