Friday, May 02, 2008

And they are not even My Cats

So my little furry friends were outside in the rain. I had to go and play with them :p After I got covered in wet cat hair and head butted by both my little black friend and the grey tabby, the tabby decided to climb up the trees. (she has only recently let me pet her and its only when my little black friend comes to me that the tabby will come. The black cat is named Shadow but I can't remember the tabbies name. Shadow gets so relaxed when I am petting her on my lap she starts drooling :p)
Can you see me?
oh wait! Whats over there?
But I'm in the wrong tree. Must move.
I will just hide from the rain under your skirt :)Just need to turn around. Hey! Stop laughing at me!
Darn the bird flew away!
Still don't know which box my little book of Scottish words is so next week I will post 3 to make up for it. And if I can't find it this week I am just going to have to ask John's Grandparents some words :D


Chrissy said...

The cats was playin outside earlier when I was sittin' I cannot even begin to evaluate how many there are...

Jennifer Rose said...

There are at least a dozen feral cats here and then dozens more that are peoples that they just let out (and don't spay or neuter them). :/

decadentdiamond said...

Haha love the narrating!

I must admit though, I'm not much of a cat person and they set off my hayfever.

spiralsun65 said...

I'm afraid I chase cats out of my garden whenever I see them :-/
Great narrating, though!

Jennifer Rose said...

hubby starts sneezing around cats usually, but not around these 2. I think its probably because the people that they own brush and bath them often. Not sure though. We usually just have to open the door and the cats in the yard go running. We did try chasing these 2 away when they first showed up but they thought we were playing a game and would chase us and just sit there we when splashed water on them. The other cats in the neighbourhood are scared of people so all it takes is the door opening and if that doesn't work a splash of water usually does the trick. If they didn't leave such a huge mess it wouldn't be a problem or if they didn't kill all the birds it would be ok too. I have seen the mutant giant gulls and the rooks dive bomb the cats in the area though :p