Thursday, May 01, 2008

SPT May 1,2008

SPT May 1,2008
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Nice and sunny when I took this, and about an hour later it was pouring down rain (why people say "pouring down rain" I have no idea. Why not just pouring down. What is it going to pour down Kool-Aid?) :p

Dragons WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So back to the dragons today. Finished up the blue dragon now on to the green one. I probably need to darken the values but am going to wait till the whole thing is coloured.


Tizzalicious said...

It was the same here today, extremely misty in the morning, then super sunny, and a few minutes later it was pouring down! (Rain, not kool aid ;))

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm I don't even know if I can get kool-aid here (1 cup of sugar, some juice crystals, add water and get a sugar high :p)
Rain again, and hailstones! Glad I didn't go for a walk

Chrissy said...

Whats Kool-aid?.....I do like ur dragons :-)...reminds me of some of my tarot cards only better - chrissyX

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :) I would love one day (years :p) to make a Tarot card set.