Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is it Halloween yet?

Started colouring my Halloween picture for this year. Still needs a lot of work on the gravestone. Definitely need to make the letters more readable, right now you can read them but I want to make them easier to read. Need to add more purples and blues to the grey so it doesn't look so flat.

I still haven't decided on what colours to do the dragons. Orange is out, as there are so many pumpkins that it would be an orange overload. Some of the pumpkins will probably not be orange, all pumpkins are not orange. Colour suggestions?

Another dahlia in the in laws front yard has opened. The tall plant that is 2 feet tall hasn't flowered yet but there are a lot of buds that are going to soon.

And my lilies have finally flowered :D I love how pink they are, going to have to either put them in the ground or in a bigger pot next year.

And Mr.Fuzzy hit himself in the head when we were trying to hang up a cupboard door and has a cut under his ear now :/ Glued shut by the nurse, and the door can wait until tomorrow to be put up :p

Scottish Word of the Week:

1) mochie

Answer to last weeks word:

1. spaewife is a fortune teller


Chrissy said...

Nice start on Halloween, hope Mr Fuzzy feel ok today :)

I need orange said...

Turquoise is always nice with orange. And chartreuse.....

Jennifer Rose said...

the ear is much better :) Thanks chrissy :) healing fine, but he really wants to scratch his ear but can't :p always happens, when you can't touch something you get itchy fingers lol

Chartreuse would work, thanks :D

leslie said...

Purple, the color of Mr. Fuzzy's bruise, would work, wouldn't it?

Let me get this straight...
Mr. Fuzzy is hanging a cupboard door, and so you cuffed him in the ear?

Then you glued his ears shut?

I am confused... :)

Srsly, hope Mr. F recovers nicely.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol! I don't think he will be hanging anymore doors anytime soon :p The hinge caught him in the ear when we were hanging it, glad it didn't hit him any higher though. Would cut into the inside of his ear :/ Its driving him buts though as its itchy and he keeps wanting to scratch it.

Seems to be healing no problem. Hasn't bled since the night it happened and isn't bruised. (unlike his ribs on his side.He fell getting out of the tub :/ Black and blue but thankfully nothing broken)

leslie said...

I am becoming concerned for Mr. Fuzzy's safety :)

If you need a 'purple' color sample, you don't have to push him down in the tub to get one, you know!
Or hit him with cupboard doors to get a 'red' sample.
Run, Mr. Fuzzy.....

Jennifer Rose said...

*trips Mr.Fuzzy* ;) (jk)

I'm just glad the spot on his rib is starting to fade. Went from a pretty purple to an ugly black for awhile :/

leslie said...

Note to Mr. Fuzzy:
She is using you as a color wheel.