Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next Time Open More Windows

*stands up* "Hi, my names Jen and I'm addicted to blogging" :p I think the only way I will actually spend more than 2 days not blogging is if the net dies :p Jeeze even when we went to Ontario last year I blogged :p

I forgot it was a full moon tonight, very bright. Could almost read from the light.

The coolest thing happened today when we went to get groceries (hmm maybe eating something other than pizza would be a good thing :p). When we were in line to get a refund a lady tapped me on the shoulders. I must have had an odd look on my face, I thought that I had dropped something or she had but no. She says "Fuzzy Dragons". o.0 Yes. She is a friend of a neighbours whos dog I drew last year. She has a Rottie too. I just thought it was so cool! :D Ok so I had John's Canada hoodie on (I stole it :p), and there aren't a whole lot of people here from Canada (could be wrong, and there might be more Canadians than I would think there would be), but still neat that someone asked. Made me feel really good. So thank you lady, (whos name I forgot to ask sorry. If I see the neighbour I will ask). It really made my day :D

Been trying for the last few hours to update my site but the program keeps crashing. So either its a graphic card issue, or something that is installed is messing the program up. hmm might have to fire up Windows tomorrow to try to upload it with Dreamweaver.

Stuck the dragon in the oven tonight with minimal damage. A bit of a fin broke off, a tail fin tore but they are pretty thin parts. I was actually pretty worried that the tail would break off but it passed. It had all ready broken off so I wasn't sure the fix would hold. Def. going to have to paint it as it did go pretty grey in some parts. I probably will try to find some kind of glossy coating for it and some masking fluid so his eyes and the rocks don't get painted over.

I don't remember the stuff stinking so bad when I baked it before. It didn't burn, but it might have been the smaller kitchen. I've always baked Sculpey in kitchens that are almost as big as our flat :p We had almost all of the windows open too, and its was frikken cold out :p

Thank you everyone that emailed and commented here asking if I was all right. Means alot :D


Chrissy said...

Hey, see you are famous, woohoo :D
What is sculpy? It kind of looks like meringue but I am sure it cannot be edible, LOL... I think I am adicted to blogging too, it was so weird last week when I had to take a break...glad ur ok :D it was wonderful full moon, we were late last night cos we went to chums night, driving back at midnight and the sky was a really strange colour.

Jennifer Rose said...

Sculpey is he modeling clay Website

Its great to make models or even little ornaments. Its says non toxic but considering what it is made off I can't see it being:p Its great when you don't have a kiln to bake clay and you can do a lot to it after it has been baked.

Macpurp said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you are back!
missed you
hugs xxx

this is coming along nicely x

much love Teen xx