Sunday, November 09, 2008

Scales are Driving Me Insane!!

Got another treasury on Etsy today :) Needed the colour after the grey day we had here :/

So I started to put all the scales on the dragon :/ I'm glad this isn't bigger or I would have probably not put scales on it :p Lots left to do. More scales, more rock piles and the face. He looks a little blasé here so I will be adding scales to his face, maybe another horn, and using a needle to give him a nose and a scowling mouth. I'm hoping that his head doesn't actually fall off as I didn't stick any wire in it and then stick that into the body to help support it. It shouldn't fall off as I attached it with lots of Sculpey, so fingers crossed :p

Now the question is do I leave this after it has been cooked, paint it white, go get some acrylics, or get some kind of gloss medium to use either over the white or the colours?


tlc illustration said...

It looks lovely white, but your work is usually so colorful I can totally see it painted in 'your' colors.

Vic said...

Personally I think your dragon would look great with some colours, maybe something pearlscent or glittery to show off the beautiful dragon scales.

Stacy said...

Wow, this dragon is amazing! I can't believe it started from that little piece of aluminum foil. I don't know what to recommend regarding the color. I bet it would look nice with color, but it looks good white too. Decisions...decisions... :)