Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Paper Weight?

Baked but still unpainted dragon. :) hmmm might take awhile to paint all those scales lol I must have had some kind of fluff on my fingers or this was really dusty when I put it in the oven (hmm fire anyone? jk. I checked before I baked it), because parts of it are grey.

I think I am either going to paint it blue or red with yellow scales but not 100% sure yet. Once it is painted I will take photos of this from every angle. I need to so I can put it in my portfolio.

Those are blue beads in the eyes. I didn't actually know if they would survive being baked, but seemed to have not changed at all. *note use glass beads next time :p

Was very pretty outside with the frost covering everything. I have to remember to take some pictures if the frost is still here tommorow. I need to learn to knit faster so I can make a really warm sweater. I have this knitted wool coat that I love, but the sleeves are starting to unravel. And well they have been fixed, I don't know how long the fix will last. I figure is I start kntting now, it might be done by the time I'm 40 :p

I did do a lot of drawing today, but its all lineart so to most people would just be a bunch of scribbles on the paper :p Sometimes I have a hard time trying to remember what it was I was drawing :p


Chrissy said...

I really don't think I would have the patience to do this...but I reckon he will look super cool when he is painted up. Love the idea for the eyes.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :D Its easy to do when you have a cheesy DVD playing while you do, and time flies. Well as long as you don't laugh too much and accidentally rip of the tail :/ :p