Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thats A Lot of Burple

coloured Egyptian scarab copyright jennifer rose phillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

A bit more on the scarab. Its looking a bit too pink for me, but can't fix that now. Once the whole thing is coloured I will go back and darken areas if they need it. I think the next scarab will be black and white :p
scupley dragon copyright jennifer rose phillipAnd my dragon is now burple. This is just a base colour, so this colour should only still be left in the shadows and indents of the scales once the scales are painted. The scales themselves are not going to be all the same colour as the paint is only going to be mixed up as needed. I didn't like how the fins looked so painted over them and dabbed the ends of the fins with a lighter aqua. I'm really hoping that the paint will come off the shell :p I know it will come off the rocks, but if it doesn't come off the shell I'm going to have a techno-colour shell :p


Serena said...

Can't wait to see the final colours in this one. There are acrylic paint removers such as DecoArt DecoMagic Brush Cleaner. I have used it on cotton buds before to remove dried acrylic paint....should work okay as long as the paint is not too aged. My Mum once used Nail Polish Remover with an Acetone base to remove dried acrylic paint from a jacket...the DecoMagic wouldn't even budge the paint on her jacket.

nuvonova said...

I agree, it does look a bit too pink, maybe you can turn it brown?.. chocolatey...? Not sure how that'd look through!

I can't wait to see it finished!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Serena, going to have to try to find that or nail polish remover. I was going to see if turpentine would work, but the smell is so strong it gives me a headache.

brown might work actually, so a blue and tan looking scarab. I am going to try to put a bit of dark purple over the pink and see if that works and if it doesn't, brown it is. :)

kaslkaos said...

I'd say leave the pink until it's done. You can always layer on top later or maybe you'll like it by then. I can't wait to see your dragon finished and then I'll be jealous.