Monday, February 23, 2009

Only way to travel

Only way to travel
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Leslie is doing 30 days with 1 object so I'm going to give it a try. Should help me figure out the settings on our camera a bit more. (well thats the idea anyway :p)

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ACEO Coloured Pencils

My blog posts for this week might be very short as I really do need to finish a few graphite pieces for my portfolio to send off. I have till Monday at the latest to get everything sent off. The closing date isn't for a month but I want to get it sent away early.

I got my portfolio together and realized that there is hardly any work that isn't done with coloured pencils so I thought I should add a few done with normals pencils, so it doesn't look like it is the only thing that I do.

Mr.Fuzzy played farmer today. Planted more vegetables he wont eat and cursed the cats :p I do hope he does manage to grow a gigantic pumpkin though. Would look really cool painted :p (don't eat pumpkin, but could make a really big pumpkin pie for people :p) The birds are getting really use to him being outside. Before long he is going to look like a scarecrow when the birds land on his head :p Even the Robin is calming down and he always acts like he is suffering from roid rage :p (jumpy little bugger and always picking on the bigger birds)

*edit* back to the old comment style for the moment. was worth a shot


Macpurp said...

is that a highland cow riding on the dragons back? just asking?
LOL xxx

Jennifer Rose said...

lol yep a little highland cow :)

Serena said...

thirty days photographing the same piece? did i understand that correctly? i'll look forward to the creative ideas you come up with.

lovely ACEO!

Jennifer Rose said...

yep, the same piece in different situations :) either going to be fun, or drive me insane :P :D

HElen said...

Love your ACEO, you are doing such a great job!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh wow Jennifer, good luck taking the photos. I will look forward to seeing them. :)
Love that ACEO!

Carla said...

I've seen that done before on flickr. Interesting.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Well now 30 days of the same piece is going to be very interesting. Look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with

twenty pound tabby said...

Wow, you're planting in the gardens already? I'm still months away from doing that. I'll be trying giant pumpkins this year.

Sandy said...

What a great drawing!!! wow.

And an interesting concept, about the 1 subject for all those days. Intriguing.

Kerry said...

Love the drawing and I will look forward to the new photos of the same item everyday, interesting!!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Helen and Norma :)

Carla- there are so many interesting groups on flickr to see and people take really great photos :)

twenty pound tabby- some of the veggies hubby is planting say to start them now and if they don't come up it gives him time to try again :) good luck with your pumpkin :D

sandy- thank you :) should be fun trying to think of different shots for the little cow

kerry- thank you :) should be fun :)