Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a Minute April

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Ok so its not over yet but its close enough :p

Cooking: lots of cooking :D and lots of bread. Made cornbread finally *above* Took forever to find any cornmeal. Mr.F thinks that it taste like a cake full of sand :p Tastes fine to me lol Made toad in the hole and it actually turned out. Amazing what a stove that stays hot will do :p

Reading: Only managed to get 3 books read this month :/ Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut, The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin (ack only one left to read in the series. Its odd reading a series for so long you begin to miss the characters when they are gone), and Life before Man by Margaret Attwood. The last book started out so well, and the last 60 pages were crap. Which is odd because I usually really like what she writes. I really should be doing reviews of all the books I read.

Art: Finished the horse! *dances* but now I have no idea what to draw :/ So many things but I think I'm a little burnt out art wise and I don't have time to be. I should just put drawing ideas into a hat and pull on out and start from there.

Making: curtains for the kitchen and still trying to figure out the knitting thing well enough that I can make some fingerless gloves. They might be done for next winter lol

T.V.: We don't have a tv (most of the stuff on is crap anyway :/), but I am watching Heroes on line and the last few episodes have gotten a lot better. Almost back to the first season eps,(could have dealt with out having them bring in the baby aspect though. Almost turned that ep. off. You know a show is grasping at straws when they bring in the babies :/ [has the opposite effect for me. I stop watching it :p]) I don't think we watched any movies this month, I think the last one I watched was Crank, which I actually really enjoyed in its cheesy action glory :p

Listening: Amanda Palmer, the whole album. I blame my friend Rob, since he posted about her I listen to it almost everyday (its driving Mr.F nuts :p)

Health: One case of labyrinthitis that turned in a MS relapse so had to start taking steroids. Sadly they did not cause me to be able to lift a small pony :p but they are working so that is all that matters. Mr.F got something in his eye which ended up scratching it so he had a patch on it yesterday for a few hours. just needed a parrot and he could have been a pirate :p His eyelid is still yellow from whatever goop they put on it. And another broken little toe for me :/ Not blue any more and the swelling has gone down, but can only stand on my left foot for a few minutes before I have sit down from the pain. Jeeze if I was a horse I would have gotten shot this month :p

Waiting: still waiting to hear about Uni. I just want to know either way now. Waiting for one of us to get a job. Not much going around at the moment though and I really don't want to have to go apply at McDonalds (did it once, really don't want the job again. Would probably end up chucking a milkshake at someone).

Addicted: to twitter :/ which is a bad thing. But not as bad as being addicted to these :D lol damnit I want candy now :p

Feel like playing along :D


Shashi Nayagam said...

I was going to work on my project today but when I saw the sun shining and the breeze without the nip outside I decided to plant some plants and do my hanging baskets which I had bought over the weekend. So no work done on my project today.

Rose Welty said...

Ian Rankin - I just finished that series in the last few months. I had the same reaction - I really missed the characters when I wasn't reading a book (so I went through the last few very fast). I'm still bummed that I don't have more to read. I'll have to find a new series.

The bread looks lovely!

Serena said...

I've never tried cornbread before....Mr F's description doesn't sound too appetising though ~ ;)

You've had quite a month!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

The horse is gorgeous! He turned out really well.
I'd like to read more Atwood. Read Oryx & Crake recently and loved it.

Chichiboulie said...

Oooh... good cornbread can be very good. I've just used my cornmeal on the Hollyhocks in the garden though. Try looking for polenta, it's the same thing as cornmeal.

Tweed Delights said...

Pleease don't go to Mcdonald's - that would definitely be a waste! Great post - really interesting to read what you've been up to (and I'm addicted to Twitter too - aaargh!) :)

CurlyPops said...

Agh steroids suck!
That cornbread looks rather lovely.

Jennifer Rose said...

Shashi- better to take advantage of the good weather. can always work on your project on a grey day :D and planting is just a different project :)

Rose-the bread was good :D I've been trying to spread the Rebus series out over the last year, catching a couple of the tv shows they have made from the books along the way. I'm going to have to find another series too, going to be hard to match up to the Rebus books tho

Serena- lol I liked it. Mr.F eats haggis tho :p and I can't stand the stuff lol Cornbread is probably not for everyone. Once I started thinking about what has been happening this last month I started realizing that is why its probably gone by really fast

chichi-it was good :D the rest in the freezer will probably be taken out soon to be eaten :) We tried looking for polenta but couldn't find it anywhere! even asked around but people had no idea what we were talking about :/

alison- I didn't mind working at McDonald's. It was an all right job and I had nice coworkers, but I don't think I have the patience for working there any more after having worked at a betting booth and the dog groomers where I could be a little more laid back with customers (polite but if I was swore at I could swear back :p) twitter is evil! :p

CurlyPops- yeah the steroids suck, but the pills seem to be better then the IV. It was lovely with a bit of butter and warmed up :D

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The bread looks great..

I have not been reading much until just lately. It can be good forgetting the next project idea!

Crossing my fingers still for you!

kaslkaos said...

So glad you're addicted to twitter. Lets me keep in touch on dial-up between my library/blog days.

Jennifer Rose said...

michelle- keep them crossed until I know more about the college lol :D

ingrid- yeah but its sad when I post about pointless stuff. shows I don't really do anything lol

Jenaveve said...

Sheesh, it's May and I'm only just catching up on Bloglines... I love your April roundup! Oh, and I gotta say I'm loving the finished product from the last post (the White Knight) - just awesome.

Fingerless gloves? Yes please. Cornbread? Absolutely.
Heroes? Same - third season is putting me to sleep but I'm willing to hang in there, just in case...

Hope May kick's butt in the health arena.