Thursday, July 09, 2009

4 Dragon ACEOs

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
For Sale Here

Older dragons just put up on Etsy :) I have a lot of art I need to get rid of to make space to make new art :D I always liked these little guys, love the colours :)

My etsy shop was featured at Northern Dawn along with 4 other really nice shop. Go have a look when you get a chance :)


HElen said...

Wonderful work!

Teresa Mallen said...

Yup I love their colours too! I also like their poses, great use of composition!!

tollykit said...

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Michelle (artscapes) said...

They are adorable!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks HElen :D

Teresa thank you :)

thank you for the award tolly :)

Michelle- thanks :)

Laura said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the mention :) I have added your blog to my blogroll as well. Your dragons are so cute.