Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spotted Rocks Finished

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
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Finished the Inukshuk. I really like how this turned out, the rocks look rough but smooth at the same time.

If I didn't have so many other pieces of art to finish I would probably just start another pointillism piece. But the list of art I need to do is longer then my leg, so another ink piece will have to wait :( And I do still plan on doing a big bird piece in this style, but that will definitly have to be one that I work on while I have a few other things on the go.

Close up showing the dots. The one thing I miss about using a metal nib now that I usually use ink pens is that with the metal nib you get a bumpy texture to the paper. I think it really helps give the illusion of texture. But the metal nibs do have a habit of blowing up and getting ink everywhere. Many a piece of work was ruined like that (plus numerous shirts and even a bra when the nib snapped off and the ink went everywhere. I think it even got up to the ceiling :p)

And a framed version. The little blue mat inside could be any colour really, I think the grey blue works well though.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

It looks so weathered.... Nice!

Paulette said...

Nice work Jennifer!
I love the texture and shading of the rocks.
I have to try a pointillism picture sometime.
Thank you for checking in on me and my birds. Its always nice to get feedback.

HElen said...

Like it very much! One cool drawing!

Vic said...

Love this Jennifer,very effective work with the pontillism, and it looks great mounted.

Swirlyarts said...

I love your pointillism work! Can't wait to see the bigger work :)

Chrissy said...

Excellent, I really don't think I could do this, it would P me off. however, it looks really effective. As Vic says, look great in the mount.

Ann said...

Amazing drawing Jennifer! I know I would never have the patience to do all those dots! You really mastered the technique here with that incredible rock texture.

Oh, and I like the new blog background color! Much easier on my old eyes :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Michelle :D

Paulette- thank you :) and your welcome. you really should try pointillism, it is a lot of fun and would look nice with the birds you are doing :)

HElen- Thanks :D

Vic- thank you :D

thanks Lynsey :)

Chrissy- it does piss me off sometimes lol but the effect makes up for it :) thanks :D

Ann- Thank you :D your not old!!